Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday 9 March 2012

The day didn't start off too well this morning.  I think I had been awake only an hour when I heard my name being shouted and being told to get upstairs and get over the end of the bed and have my bottom on display. 

I knew I was in trouble.  I knew that I was going to get a sore bottom again.  The house was completely empty apart from us so I knew that any noise could be made and therefore any tool could come out to punish me and probably would.  My heart started to pound. 

You see this isn't the first time I have been told to get over the end of the bed so I knew how things might be going.  I walked up the stairs quickly, I didn't want to make things worse for my bottom.  I pulled down my trousers, leaving my white knickers on and layed out over the edge of the bed.  I layed there for what felt like ages, just listening for the footsteps coming up the stairs. 

I don't actually remember hearing them but I did hear them when they were in the bedroom with me.  My master walked around the bed.  My heart started to race.  With that my master told me I was going to be punished, that with pleasure must come pain.  What he meant was, I had been made love to the day before and orgasms are very pleasureable and therefore I was owed some pain.

Straight away I felt a sting on my bottom.  My bottom was very cold and from the feeling I had on my bottom, the size and sting I knew that I was getting the leather paddle.  I was told to count.  I straight away said "one sir".

As soon as I said "one sir" the next sting came on my bottom. Already my bottom was quite sore, when you are spanked on a very cold bottom, with no warm up, it comes very sharp. But even though I could feel my bottom getting sore and stinging, I could also feel a very warm tingling feeling elsewhere, even though I should not like being spanked, deep down inside me I do enjoy it, of course I do not let my master know that, not quite sure it could be classed as pain if he found out I actually enjoy it.

"Two sir" I said. This time it wasn't said straight away. I left it a while, giving me time to enjoy the feeling and also to allow my bottom a little time to recover before the next sting, and then there it was again. I was desperate to give my bottom a little rub with my hand, but I knew if I did that would mean an even harder sting or even the possibility of my fingers stinging. "Three sir, four sir, five sir".

By this time my bottom was very sore indeed and I could only imagine its colour. My favourite colour, RED. My master at this point told me I had to remove my knickers. I took them down slowly. I like slow because you get to feel the contrast of the cold knickers on your very hot bottom.

"Six sir". This one came very sharp. No knickers to protect me. I know that knickers are not thick, but they do give you a little protection. I was even more in need to rub my bottom now but I resisted, thinking I must almost be there now. "Seven sir". Each time the paddle came down, you can hear it swoosh in the air. "Eight sir". My bottom by this time is so very sore, stinging so very much and my knickers are wet, I am so very turned on, but I must make my moans appear to be from the pain and not pleasure, I must not let my master see that really I enjoy being spanked. "Nine sir". I think at this point, I may only have one left, and if this is the case then the next one, will definitely sting a lot more than the others, possibly more than them all put together. "Ten sir", yes I was right, definitely a hard one. I immediatly rub my bottom and am told that I can get up now.

I am told to look in the mirror at the colour of my bottom. It really does look quite red. Pulling my pants and trousers back up does rub a little. With my hand on my bottom over my trousers, I can slightly feel a little heat.

Now to try and find something to get punished for tomorrow.  Maybe I'll make my master's cock hard without permission see if that gets me into trouble .........


  1. Glad to see you have done as you were told for a change and set up a blog. Rest assured there will be reasons to spank you tomorrow x

  2. You have taken a big step in deciding to write a diary on the web. I think you're very brave so congratulations. If you have read any of my comments on CS you will know that I think you have a very lovely bottom which just cries out to be smacked! You will also know that my SO spanks me regularly and so I can relate to your experiences. I agree with you about being spanked with a paddle on a cold bottom...much better if it is warmed up more gently first with a hand spanking. I can also relate to being told to go and get my bottom ready for a spanking and then having to wait ages until HOH decides he will come and deal with me!

  3. Everyone is different and a bit of experience is all it takes to know what kind of spanking & warm up is best for someone. I think its always good to know & respect what someone needs...