Monday, 12 March 2012

Monday 12 March 2012

Its been quite a hectic weekend sorry Diary that I haven't written to you.  I managed to tease my Master over the weekend lots by wearing tight trousers and black leggings, so every time I bent over to pick something up, and I found lots of opportunities to that, I could hear my master moan with pure pleasure.

It finally came to a head today, when my Master called me over, and I didn't respond immediately, so he grabbed me and told me to get over the end of the sofa.  I was quite cold and therefore the quick succession of hand spanking on firstly my trousered bottom, then knickered bottom and finally my bare bottom came quite sharp.  Come to think of it I'm not entirely sure now that it was a hand spanking, it may have been the wooden spoon, I just get so lost in the moment that sometimes I cannot recall what is used to spank me.  They all feel so very good.

After a little while, I am told to go upstairs.  I am not allowed to dress and have to walk up the stairs holding my trousers and knickers on but not up.  When I get upstairs my Master is ahead of me and sitting on the bed with his leg out, telling me to get over his knee.  I don't have to count today, just lay there and feel as each stroke comes down harder and faster on my bare bottom.

I do struggle to not moan in pure pleasure, it really does feel so very good.  I can feel lots of moisture and a great desire for sex which is only intensified by the fact that I'm sure I can feel my Master's cock is hard. 

Unfortunately the session did not end in any penetration, but who knows maybe tomorrow.


  1. From the photo of your tightly-trousered bottom shown on CS I can see what you mean about presenting an irresistable target for a spanking!

  2. I am so pleased that you have started your own diary, Ms Naughty. I think you have the most gorgeous bottom, a real, broad, womanly bottom! The photos of you getting it spanked over the arm of the sofa are delightful. The first photo where your tight trousers are making their way into your crack is just...!!! You would probably shudder even at the thought but I would love to be able to soothe those big hot cheeks of yours after a spanking! Take care.

  3. Hi Ms Naughty,

    I agree with Sophie, I love your beautiful, womanly, totally spankable bottom! I can see why CS gets you bent over every chance he gets. And your reaction to the spanking, describing it as "pure pleasure", and getting wet, proves that so many women do not realize what they are missing by not being spanked. I have had a couple of Ladies orgasim while I was spanking them, like you they said "pure pleasure". Looking forward to reading more from you about how you love getting your bottom warmed, and then of course the after care!