Sunday, 22 April 2012

22 April 2012

I am having problems at the moment.  My master is having serious issues with regard to spanking me.  He is trying to stay away from my bottom completely, and it is driving me insane.  I can't get out my white trousers to wear to tease him because the weather is rubbish, but if I have to ruin a pair of trousers to get him to spank me then I will.

I have a pair of leggings on today and he has had a couple of feels and has used the wooden spoon on me, but I am not completely convinced that my Master's confidence is back.

He thinks that I do not enjoy being spanked, please help me to convince him that I do enjoy being spanked, that I love having a red sore bottom, I love being over his knee or bent over the end of the bed and having all our spanking toys out, whether it be a discipline session or just for fun. Go to Country Spanker and please tell him that I love being spanked by him.  If you have read my previous blogs you will see how much I do.

Please Country Spanker put me over your knee tonight, sat on the couch and give me a hand spanking, I beg you.

I will keep you informed tomorrow if I get spanked tonight!!

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  1. MMMMMMMM, can I change my name to the Country Spanker for a little while?