Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Wednesday 4 April 2012

Dear Diary

I have been a little naughty and not recorded the spanking I received yesterday, so maybe I may just be in trouble again once my Master reads this.

Yesterday evening I was walking up the stairs only to hear footsteps behind me, getting faster and closer.  I was given a quick hand slap on my bottom and taken into the bedroom and put over my Master's knee where I received a long hand spanking.  I was wearing a silky style pair of trousers which I know my Master likes the feel of.  After a very long warm up on my bottom, my trousers were taken down and I received a spanking on my knickered bottom not only with the hand but also the table tennis bat and wooden spoon.  I could feel myself getting more and more aroused with each passing minute.

My knickers were then taken down and I was told to get over the end of the bed.  I received a bare bottom spanking with the hand, wooden spoon, table tennis bat and a few strokes with the cane. 

When my Master was spanking my bottom at the top, with every stroke I was having a shiver going straight down my spine and I could feel the juices starting to flow.

God I do love being spanked.  I want to sometimes push my bottom up higher as if to request to be spanked more and harder.  I must try and remember that I am being punished and that its not for my pleasure, however, that is really difficult when I have all these warm feelings inside with every stroke on my bottom.

Will see what can get up to in the next few days in order to receive another punishment.


  1. I think you reaction to that spanking is shared by many of us in our spanking world. My Lady does not usually ask for a spanking, but I do require that she tell me of any misbehavior or naughtiness, which usually earns her a spanking. She loves being spanked like you do, and at times has a orgasim during the spanking.


  2. Glad your plan worked so well and that you were spanked over trousers, over knickers and on the bare in quick succession. Well done! Seriously though, the trousers you were wearing all day must have provided such a tempting target every time you bent over. Would you mind telling me where I might purchase similar ones...please!