Friday, 27 April 2012

27 April 2012

Dear Diary

I was very naughty on Wednesday, and boy did I get taught a lesson.

My Master, Country Spanker, punished me quite severely, but if I'm honest with you, I don't think the punishment fitted the crime, I definitely deserved an awful lot more.

Firstly, I was over my Master's knee for a considerable time having the wooden spoon across my bottom.  My bare bottom on show and the wooden spoon making it very red and very sore.  Initially, because I actually felt bad and felt I needed to be punished, the spanking felt different.  I felt different.  I didn't feel that I should be enjoying it because I had been naughty, and it wasn't play for me, I did need to be punished.

Later I decided to switch off to my head and relaxed a little and stopped thinking about what I had done and decided to just enjoy my punishment who gives a shit what I have done, I love to be spanked,so I am going to enjoy every moment of it and god was there a lot of spanking so a hell of a lot of enjoyment.

I received the wooden spoon and leather belt and the cane on my bare bottom and I have to say, it felt amazing.  My bottom was very sore and I felt a great need to rub it, however, if I put my hand in the way to rub it then it may get the belt across it, and I know that hurts a lot, so didn't want to take the risk.  Instead I decided to think about the excitement I was feeling from my sore bottom.  I could feel a lot of moisture between my legs and honestly needed a feel my Master inside me, but tonight was all about him, I had some making up to do.  I hope my Master enjoyed his night, but I think I may be in trouble some more seeing as this happened on Wednesday and I have only managed to record it in the diary today, so I may have to blog again tomorrow with a punishment I may receive later.


  1. Glad it worked out for you Mrs. CS........ Loved the pictures on CS's site :)


  2. What did you do? Must have been very, very naughty to earn such a roasting.

  3. How naughty of you to enjoy your spanking so much! ;) Sounds like your master has you well in hand, though.